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Health Care Originals provides award-winning solutions for complete respiratory monitoring.

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For Professional Use

Complete Packages for Clinical Trials and Research: Telemetry for Telemedicine™ – including a searchable database that allows flexible queries. Learn how ADAMM variations are tailored for unique use-cases.

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For Personal Use

COMING SOON – a full suite of respiratory monitoring wearables designed for the individual – symptom detection, tracking, journaling, reminders and secure data storage for asthma and general wellness.

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Our Mission Is Simple

Provide better insight into respiratory diseases, allowing freedom and peace of mind.


Our wearables are designed to be unobtrusive so you can go about your daily routine. We track coughing, respiration, presence of wheeze, temperature, heart rate and activity level.

Monitor & Journal

Press your wearable to record relevant journal entries – changes, feelings, behaviors – anything you notice and want to record – no need to write or record anywhere else.


Set up automated reports and notifications. Assign different user roles to access relevant information. Caregivers can receive real-time notifications and health care providers can monitor long term trends.

We are Health Care Originals

Unique Solutions for Chronic Respiratory Disease Research, Monitoring and Management

Health Care Originals, Inc. (HCO) is headquartered in Rochester, NY. We make cardiopulmonary wearable systems, comprising a full stack hardware and software solution. Our focus has always been on respiratory disease – borne out our personal experience with the debilitating effects of chronic respiratory disease, not only for those diagnosed with the disease, but also their caregivers.

We believe respiratory conditions are under-served, and more needs to be done to understand how best to adapt medications and treatment regimens to the individual. Our mission is to provide solutions so those who suffer can live their best life, and their caregivers can enjoy peace of mind and freedom, knowing that their loved ones have the tools at their disposal to understand and manage their conditions.

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