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1 in 7 Americans suffers from Asthma or COPD, and many more people may have COPD but remain undiagnosed. Respiratory conditions are complex to treat because of intertwined psychosocial and environmental issues. Outcomes depend on more than pharmacological treatments. Nightingale addresses all of these issues on a scalable virtual care platform that is clinically proven to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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Care Insights are Powered by Unique Lung Sound Monitoring

The patented, AI-driven lung-sound monitoring device, ADAMM, provides personal monitoring and feedback to members. ADAMM is to Asthma and COPD what the CGM is to Diabetes. ADAMM delivers insights that are proven to generate significant improvements in quality of life, symptoms, and costs. Ease of use, immediate results, and personalized feedback from the device drive immediate and lasting engagement.

The First Virtual Clinic for Respiratory Conditions

A vertically integrated coordinated care platform, Nightingale includes personal Respiratory Therapists and Asthma Educators for members. With proven education and therapy tools as well as built-in accommodations for Social Determinants of Health such as home air filters, members get everything they need to start breathing easier.

Nightingale combines virtual home-based asthma and COPD interventions with cutting-edge respiratory monitoring and self-management education. Programs based on the same interventions but with no devices or connected applications have consistently shown positive ROIs ranging from $1.90 per $1 invested to $20 per $1 invested*. The time to the realization of savings is short, ranging from 1-4 years. Nightingale demonstrates clinically efficacious improvement in symptoms and quality of life within 6 months.

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