ADAMM-RSM-SM: For Health & Wellness

Interested in activity beyond just limb activity? Want deeper insight into cardiopulmonary signals in response to activity? ADAMM-RSM-SM is for you!

Health & Wellness with ADAMM-RSM-SM

Unobtrusive and Discrete Monitoring

Cardiopulmonary parameters are unobtrusively monitored with accurate sensors packaged within a user-friendly wearable designed for everyday use.

Data Analysis

Track wellness data over time. Doing yoga? Practicing mindfulness? Respiration data at its best.

Special Features of ADAMM-RSM-SM

Continuous Monitoring

Deeper meaning from higher data density with 24/7 wellness monitoring.


Respiration, Heartbeat, Adventitious Breath Events, Temperature, Cough and Activity


Monitor and store data continuously. Always view current, up-to-date, information in your dashboard.


Monitor cardiopulmonary parameters in real-life scenarios

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