Nightingale For Your Members

Meet Nightingale: the all-in-one virtual respiratory care app equipped with respiratory therapy, a wearable device, symptom monitoring, and more.

Over 16 million medicaid & 8.9 million medicare beneficiaries have COPD or Asthma

Around 25 million people enrolled in government-funded health insurance in the United States suffer from asthma or COPD.

Medicare Per Capita Costs Exceed $46,000

Asthma and COPD can bring high costs to health insurance payers. Hospitalizations, prescriptions, office visits, and emergency room care costs can exceed $46,000 per person per year.

Nightingale Can Reduce Symptoms by X%

Nightingale empowers your members to understand their lung function and take care into their own hands, allowing them to manage symptoms better. Our program offers telehealth appointments with respiratory therapists, an app to track symptoms and medications, and ADAMM, a wearable device that monitors asthma symptoms.
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Breathe Better. Live Better.

Our mission is to give your members with asthma or COPD peace of mind. Nightingale allows them to monitor, manage, improve, and continue live their best life.

A Powerful App Equipped With

Live Monitoring

Users can pair ADAMM with the app to view their last 24 hours of symptoms in an easy-to-digest dashboard provides insights at a glance. 


Users can track notes about how they’re feeling in the digital journal to recognize trends and potential triggers.  

Medication Reminders

Nightingale members won’t miss a dose of medication again. Our app sends reminders and notifications to the user’s phone! 

Treatment Plans

Once a doctor and patient have established a treatment plan, they are able to upload it to the app for future reference and reminders! 

How Can Nightingale Benefit You & Your Members?

How Can Nightingale Benefit You & Your Members?
Money Saving

Yearly per person Nightingale expenses only total to $X, saving you $X in comparison to traditional respiratory therapy options.

Scalable & Efficient

Nightingale treatment reduces hospital wait times and is able to access those with decreased mobility. At- home appointments are quicker and more efficient, saving you from unnecessary healthcare costs.

Better Results

With wearable integration, Respiratory therapists are able to deliver personalized care. Improved lung function decreases the likelihood of emergency room care and hospital readmission, saving you thousands!

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ADAMM provides Intelligent Asthma Management™ – automating management, increasing adherence and identifying precursor symptoms much earlier – giving caregivers peace of mind and improving asthmatics’ quality of life.